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CarCostCanada Dealer Invoice Price Report. Use our Car Buying Guide to research. Maximize your negotiation power, view actual inventory levels, get competing"s. Toyota Tacoma prices, specs, photos. This isnt shocking given the Tacomas 35-degree approach angle, which trails the smaller Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds absurd 42-degree measurement, although the Toyota sits just.6 inch lower and boasts a slightly better breakover angle. The Tacomas five-mode Multi-Terrain Select traction-control settings, a range of electronic assists for everything from mud and sand to rock crawling, were unnecessary in the deep sand; instead we favored the freedom afforded by simply deactivating the electric watchdogs altogether. At highway speeds, the transmission will dramatically downshift from either overdrive ratio to fourth gear when the Tacoma detects even a whiff of an uphill grade or a request for even mild acceleration. We tried to lock the transmission into sixth with the shifter in manual mode during a long drive, only to have the computer override our decision and loudly downshift anyway. Jump to Instrumented Test 2017 Toyota Tacoma, tRD Pro 4x4 Automatic. Close window, add to Listings. Find 2017 Toyota Tacoma listings in your area. A new TRD Pro package further cements the 2017 Toyota Tacoma s reputation as an off-road leader. So we set a course meteo for Michigans Silver Lake State Park and its playground of coastal sand dunes.

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