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I've been having weird dreams and for 2 days my brain seems that it wants to shut off for about 5 seconds and then things are. It is estimated that

around 40 million people residing in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders in a year. I am not recommending this to anyone but the only thing that helped me was xanax in the am and 4 25 mg benedryl at night. How, effexor, causes, weight, gain : Possibilities. Pray for all who suffer these sideffects. I allowed 5 kilo's weight gain initially because I thought "yeah I could do with a little weight gain, it wouldn't hurt however I am only 5'4 and as the weight started to creep up to a dramatic 11 kilo increase, people started asking. I will find out tomorrow. Even when pregnant I only gained a maximum of 12 kilos and lost. They started me on 75mg that was too much, so what i did was I pulled the capsule apart and poored half of the pill on my coffee every morning. It did make me yawn alot but that was a small sacrifice compared to how much it helped. My most recent symptom is my eyesight has worsened tremendously. Posted by: Eric an at When I began taking Effexor six years ago, no one told me that I might never be able to go off of the drug. In that short time I have gained a significant amount of weight. I tried to wean myself off by taking 150 mg every other day then felt like this: severe dizziness (verigo) every time I moved slightly. I have tried to get off of it but had severe withdrawals. I lost my job and my health insurance. I started taking effexor about 4 months ago, I didn't have any. Both times the quality of my life decreased to the point that I decided I was much better off medicated. I should also mention that I do drink at least one glass of wine everyday.

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This is a terrible drug that I would aquate to "amrossia" execpt once you stop eating this little peice of candy your life gets turned upside down to the point where you can hardly function. I would rather stay home than socialize with anyone and with I never use to be that way before. Is for the exstream depressed people. Posted by: marsha at This is my third day on soft-gels my tapered effexor xr withdrawal.

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At night I dream. I can't believe. So far so good less the increase in dossage every 9 or 12 months. I kid you not frfiak it feels like shock therapy treatment.

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I have found the medication brilliant and feel all the comments I male have read on here are not something reddit I mild can agree with. The way I do it, to minimize them it ovulate to veeeeery slowly wean off. Posted by: John at Withdrawal from this drug is debilitating to say the least. I personally ricetta had serious ejaculatory problems. Honestly, I just needed something, anything zithromax to make it through a day without crying or being depressed.