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Advised me that it could take as long as two months before everything is regulated. I was very skeptical about trying pristiq because of all the negative comments about it

being an "effexor retread". I'm not sure of whether anxiety drugs can meet my expectations, but so far I am less anxious and beleiving that, to date, the results are positive enough to continue experimenting. M 45 2 months 11/4/2009 4 depression, anxiety none, except for significant sexual side effects: difficulty getting / maintaining erection, major loss of sensitivity in penis. In his article ldquo; Pristiq versus Effexor, xR rdquo; published. Increase of sexual appetite, intense orgasms, high volume of ejaculate. With sufficient dosage (100 mg) and sufficient time to acclimate, Pristiq is as good as Effexor XR ever was, but has very little in the way of tangible side effects. If the 50 mg dosage. YOU must stay ON this DUG FOR AT least 4 TO 6 weeks TO SEE THE benefits. I am glad to say I am now in remission. Cialis can counteract the erectile issues but when you're with a woman and you're literally not feeling anything (or very little it's infuriating and frustrating. I've been called high-functioning and up-beat during the last three years while I was depressed. Pristiq doesn rsquo;t do a decent job. Regular basis and wake.30p.m. M 58 6 months 7/17/2009 5 Bipolar Depression, GAD Headache, mild nausea, and mild sexual side effects-All in the first week. Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine) is basically the same medication. M 42 6 months 50 1X D 8/6/2010 3 anxiety/depression the usual trembling of the hands-otherwise none- but see below switched from Prozac- better feeling affect- tears-laughing etc.

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M 47 10 days 4/3/2009 Email uearazttfzwyscuudqfewuzuztxs 4 anxiety, deppression and ocd Chronic tiredness, dizziness, increased anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts and a feeling of 'out of body'. Khawam EA, Laurencic G, Malone DA,. I blogged about it extensively if anyone is interested. Summary points: They are similar in terms of efficacy, pharmacodynamics and side effects profile. Nothing has worked as well as my current combo of Wellbutrin XL (300 mg) and Pristiq (100mg) for both my mood and my anxiety. No sexual side effects. M 49 2 months 100 1X D 4/25/2011 Email 4 Anxiety Headache if dose is not taken on time I was on 50 for about.5 months and then went up to 100. At its lower therapeutic dose (75 mg/day venlafaxine blocks the reuptake only of serotonin. No sex issues at all and overall feel good. M 33 2 months 50mg 1X D 4/28/2010 3 Depression, Anxiety Crazy dry-mouth for first 10 - 12 days. M 42 5 days 3/2/2009 5 Severe depression anxiety During first few weeks, and with insufficient dosage (50 mg same odd flashes as on Effexor XR when dose is overdue.

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The only thing I'm not super happy with, is my libido is sky high, and I'm horny all the time. improved my asthma (bonus! They also inhibit the norepinephrine transporter, but according to in vitro studies the affinity of both drugs is significantly lower for dividere the norepinephrine transporter compared to the sert. Results are sorted by, gender males first. SEX, aGE, duration dosage, dATE added, f. The Prozac tended to cause some cognitive clouding. Both medications should be taken at the same time each day. I lost a little bit of weight (10 pounds but I feel more self confidant and more attractive. People should always discuss all dosage concerns with a doctor, regardless of which medication they decide to take. It's an excellent drug with the exception that its activity is of such a short duration that I would experience side effects if I took two doses 36 hours apart (morning one day, evening the next) as opposed to 24 hours. I had bloating, cramping guts, achey bones, foggy brain, dizziness, burning sensation on tongue and hands, breathlessness and fast heartbeat in bed at night, and a red face at bedtime, even though I had not been out in the sun.

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I have noticed that I am not reaching for an extra piece of pizza and I am getting these 'extreme butterflies' in my tummy, as if I am about to do a speech in front of a large crowd or about to reach the sale top. M 38 14 days 100mg 1X D 3/23/2010 Email 3 depersonalization and depression Even more weight gain than with effexor Effexor. M 69 6 years 50 1X D 2/22/2017 4 Depression 50mg - none; 100mg - only on day two but started feeling slight effects after just a few hours of day one. Unfortunately i got online some worse side effects after around 6 days. It does seem that the antidepressants take a good month to reach effectiveness. Took in am-it did seem to fade later in the day. It helped me with depression but withdrawal needs to be gradual. M 36 4 days 50 mg 1X D 1/28/2013 Email 4 situational depression First week, light headed then surpassed. This means that in the case of venlafaxine, this population might have increased concentrations of the parent drug relative to o-desvenlafaxine. Both medications are classified as selective serotonin and norepinphrine reuptake inhibitor medications, which work by balancing the chemicals in the brain that control moods. M 41 1 years Email 4 depression nausea, collaterali greatly impared orgasm Taking 50mg at night.