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I have a wife (and 2 small kids)but I do not want her to know what has happened. I am still taking the lortab but only about two halfs of

the 10/500. I have been weaning myself off Effexor XR since March '09. But with the mental stuff, it's hard to know if your original depression/anxiety is coming back or if the Effexor withdrawal is causing. Common Questions and Answers about, effexor withdrawal diarrhea. Factors that influence Effexor XR withdrawal include:. Is coming back or if the. Talk to your doctor about which medications may be most appropriate for you. Reduce or manage withdrawal symptoms. Treato does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Good luck to you. Withdrawal symptoms of, effexor include headache, diarrhea, brain zaps and general malaise. I am taking matters into my own hands and staying off the antidepressants for the time being. Although your psychiatrist may consider withdrawal to be easy or a simple process, he or she did not take the medications so really has no with idea whats going on internally within your mind and body. Can't they put you on another ssri while you are at the.5 dose for a few weeks and then take you off the Effexor?

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I have been taking Effexor verapamil for over two years now. Since Effexor XR effects blood pressure, she could expereice a severe drop. This is supposed to help people with depression and anxiety function better in society and cope with their condition. The dosage of Effexor that is commonly prescribed is 75 mg/day. I just lay down for 10 days and let it happen. My dose was 225. Anxiety, since the brain will not have the surplus serotonin available that it was getting from the drug, it is highly likely that you will experience anxiety upon withdrawal from this medication. Obviously if you were taking Effexor XR, you know that it is an extended release. I was taking two 75mg tablets of Effexor daily. The higher the dosage of the drug you were taking, the more difficulty you will have withdrawing. These are some questions to ask.